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Warranty & Defects


It can occur that something goes wrong with your purchase, we will ensure that it is resolved as soon as possible. The normal European warranty on the clock movement is 24 months.
Guarantees on branded products are always performed by the brand supplier. Offered guarantees do not affect the statutory rights as a consumer regarding warranty and conformity.

Normally the following is excluded from the warranty; **

  • Battery (up to 3 months after purchase it is guaranteed)
  • Glass breakage
  • Crown / Screw (always make sure that your screw / crown is closed when worn)
  • Watchband /strap
  • loosening of stones up to 3 months after purchase
  • Different warranty applies to Mi Moneda

** These exclusions will always be reviewed by us. If it appears that there is a manufacturing defect obviously the regular warranty applies.

Warranty expires

  • When you open the watch itself
  • If used improperly
  • Water damage (except waterproof watches, see waterproofing)
  • We strongly recommend not to remove or replace, the battery of a watch by hand as this will void the warranty and the watch is not waterproof

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