Return & Exchange

Return policy

Trendjuwelier orders have a trial period of 30 days from the day of delivery. A trial period means that you may view the product. Please note that an item may not be returned if you have worn the product.

Please check immediately upon receipt of the item whether it is undamaged and complete. If this is not the case, we kindly ask you to contact us as soon as possible to report this.

If you are not satisfied with the item, you can return it. You are responsible for the return procedure. This means that the return costs are for your own account. You must indicate within 14 days that you are canceling your order, after which you have another 14 days to return your order to us. After this, it is no longer possible to return your order, unless this has been discussed with one of our employees prior to placing the order. You can return the item:

within the trial period of 30 days.
if the article is complete in the - insofar as reasonably possible - original condition and factory packaging.
return by registered mail (signature for receipt) via a sender, for example PostNL. According to Thuiswinkel's general terms and conditions, this is not mandatory, as the responsibility of sending lies with you. However, our experience is that it is better to send a return package by registered mail, since PostNL (or other senders) can in rare cases lose a package. When you send by registered mail, you are insured against losing packages and a compensation will be paid by PostNL if the package is lost. The costs for the return shipment are for your account.
Some items cannot be returned. This concerns:

Products engraved on request
Products made to special request, such as wedding rings
Products that are custom-made - Please note: If we receive shortened watches back, we will charge 15 Euro to restore the strap to its original condition. The links must then be sent along. If we do not receive this, we cannot take the watch back.
Products that have been customized according to your specifications
Products with wear damage. In this case, we may deduct the resulting reduction in value from the amount to be refunded.

Homerr is a sustainable courier company that uses collection and delivery points, often with longer opening hours than regular points. In addition, Homerr does not have its own vans, but they use vans that already drive through the streets with you, which saves up to 79% CO2. With almost 1,500 points in the Netherlands, there is always a HomerrPunt nearby!

A return shipment via Homerr is cheaper than most other shipping parties. You can easily register your return via the link below and show the received QR code at the parcel point.

Register your return here.

Looking for a Homerr point near you? You can easily and quickly find a drop-off location via the link below!

Homer Card

For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

You can return your order to:
Country Street 25
9934 BG Delfzijl


You can register your return or exchange via our website. If you are logged in, you can do so on this page. In your account you can see per order until when the return period applies. You can also easily indicate which item you wish to exchange or return.

If you have an order of the old version of our wesbite, you can do so here;

download return form
Download repair form
Register your return via the website and return the package to us as stated above, you can use the small stickers on the packing slip for this, for a smooth handling also the small sticker with the barcode on the outside of the package to be returned to stick. You must stamp the package. If you have received your order via Red je package, you can return it via Homer or PostNL if you want to return it. Returning via Red je package is not possible.

When your order has been sent by parcel post, we always recommend that you also return it to us as a parcel to prevent damaged items. As a customer you are responsible for the safe shipment of your package. If the item is damaged during the return shipment, we cannot be held responsible.

Notice of your return
Also download and complete the model withdrawal form:

Model withdrawal form
You can use this Model Form to indicate to us within 14 days after the day of delivery that you wish to cancel the purchase. You must then fill in this form and e-mail us to info@trendjuwelier.NL.

After this notification you have another 14 days to return the item to us. You have 30 days to return your order.

Assessment of your return
Within the trial period you have the right to assess your purchase, as you would in a shop. However, if it appears that the item returned to us has been used for other purposes, for example wearing it, and that wear damage has occurred as a result, there is a chance that any depreciation will be charged. If it appears that the damage results in a 100% reduction in value, Trendjuwelier may decide to refuse repayment. In that case, you can choose to have us return the item to you at your expense.

Reimbursement of costs incurred
Repayment will be made as soon as possible, at the latest within 30 days after dissolution of the purchase. You will be reimbursed for all costs incurred, except for the costs of returning the product. These costs are for your account, unless the product sent was damaged or you received the wrong item. In that case we will refund the shipping costs incurred by you afterwards. Trendjuwelier thus complies with Dutch law.

Shipping method of your return
Trendjuwelier advises to send returns by registered mail. This is not an obligation, this is an advice. As a customer you are responsible for the safe arrival of your package at Trendjuwelier, so registered mail provides more security.

Processing time of your return
The returns are processed and assessed in the order they are received, as soon as we process your return you will receive a message by e-mail. Processing can take up to 14 days. If you want to know whether your return package has arrived with us, we advise you to check the track-and-trace code of your shipment at: If it is indicated there that we have received your package you can assume that your return shipment will be processed as soon as possible.

Register your exchange via the website, while registering your exchange you can immediately indicate for which item you wish to exchange the item to be returned. Make sure you indicate the correct color and/or size. We will then immediately arrange the new order when your return is processed. If there is a price difference, we will refund this or we will send you a payment request via email. Once we have received your payment, this order will be processed further. For a smooth handling, also stick the small sticker with the barcode on the outside of the package to be returned.

Received wrong item
You can follow the same procedure as a normal return, but indicate during registration that it concerns an incorrectly delivered item. If an item is exchanged due to an error by Trendjuwelier or due to a defect, the costs will of course be for our account. For a smooth handling, we request that you stick the small sticker with the barcode on the outside of the package to be returned.

Defective item
Have you received a defective or damaged item? Then please contact us. Did the defect occur after you have worn the item? Then we are obliged to first return the item to the supplier for repair or exchange. The supplier assesses the defect and provides a suitable solution.

Return label
If you have received a defective or damaged item, please contact our customer service stating: your order number with attached photos. You will receive a return label from us with which you can return the package free of charge. If, after receiving your package, it appears that you have received a return label incorrectly, we will charge you for the package costs of € 6.95. This will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have chosen the giro payment method with your order, we advise you to always pay the invoice. We also ask you to pay the invoice from AfterPay when you return a model or wish to exchange it. This is to prevent unwanted increases. Of course, in the case of a return, the amount paid will be refunded to you as soon as the return is processed.

Do you have a complaint about our services? Then we would like to hear this. You can also submit your complaint/dispute to the European online dispute platform (ODR). In this case, we refer you to the following page: