Pandora jewellery

Pandora jewellery

Pandora jewelry is world famous and Pandora is known for its special charms and charm bracelets. The Danish couple Per and Winnie Enevoldsen opened a jewelry store in Copenhagen in 1982 and Per (who was a goldsmith) designed and manufactured the first charms himself and even had charms made in Thailand. Later, two designers were hired, namely Lone Frandsen and Lisbeth Enø Larsen. In 1989, Per and Lisbeth moved to Thailand to run their first Pandora factory.

Only in 1999 were the first Pandora charm bracelets from the Pandora jewelry collection designed. That turned out to be a real hit and since then the Pandora bracelets with the Pandora charms have become indispensable and the Pandora brand is of great importance in the jewelry world. All Pandora jewelry contains the letters ALE. These letters come from the initials of Per's father; Algot Enevoldsen. This can be used to determine the authenticity of Pandora jewelry.

There is a large selection of Pandora jewelry. There are Pandora bracelets, Pandora rings, Pandora necklaces and Pandora earrings. Pandora bracelets and charms are very popular with women and are made of silver and leather (leather) finished with silver. In addition, there is a wide collection of Pandora bangles (rigid bracelets).

Pandora charms fit the bracelets, of which WatchesnJewellerly has a collection of more than 600 different models. There is always a reason to purchase a Pandora bracelet or charm. For that one special friendship, a milestone you reach in your life or as a present for someone's birthday. A Pandora bracelet, together with the accompanying charms, always has a special, usually loving, meaning.

The Pandora charms for these bracelets are available in different materials. At Watchesnjewellery you will find, in addition to Murano glass, especially gold and silver Pandora charms. You can always replace the charms with other charms on your silver or leather bracelet. Especially for the Pandora bracelet, so-called clips or stoppers have been developed that keep the charms on your charm bracelet in place. The narrower Pandoraspacers are also used as filling.



Pandora is a brand where emotions play a major role. Important moments in your life. Think of a wedding, the birth of a child, an anniversary, a special holiday, but also for other events that have made an impression. Sometimes it is nice if this emotion can be briefly evoked when you link it to a charm, for example. Perhaps you will get the feeling you had for a moment... And even if it's just for a while, that's nice too, isn't it? Pandora has many types of charms to help you capture those special moments. And besides that, a beautiful full Pandora bracelet also looks very nice!

The Pandora charms are very suitable as remembrance or commemorative jewellery. Because WatchesnJewellerly offers you a wide range of charms, you will always find the jewelry you are looking for with us.

Would you like to know more about Pandora jewelery from WatchesnJewellerly or do you have any questions? Then please contact us.

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